Tank Linings

tank lining dehumidificationDeHumidification Technologies, LP utilizes refrigerant-style and desiccant-style dehumidifiers to control the humidity inside storage tanks so the contractor can work in optimal conditions while blasting, cleaning and coating the surface of the tank.

The benefits that are attained when dehumidification is used will ultimately lead you to a successful completion of your project in the preferred amount of time.

Benefits of Dehumidification:

  • Enables customer to work 24 hours a day / 7 days a week
  • Reduce tank out of service and scheduling time frame
  • Humidity and temperature control to hold the blast
  • Eliminate the traditional blast, clean and prime everyday cycle
  • Improve production rates and quality of work
  • Eliminate or reduce weather related work delays
  • Allow a monolithic spray of each coat under proper climatic conditions
  • Extended life of coatings due to application under optimal conditions

In today’s fast paced industry, using a dehumidifier while doing an internal lining can benefit your project as well as ensure your project stays on time and under budget.

Environmental conditions such as humidity and temperature have a very substantial impact on cleaning and coating operations. In some instances, coating work must be delayed because of humidity and temperature. In other cases, humidity and temperature are controlling factors in the cycle of blasting and painting. Painting must be accomplished on a surface the same day it is cleaned to prevent flash rusting. These delays and the cleaning and painting cycle on the same day adversely impact protective coatings work. These issues make the job more costly and they can diminish quality in the coating operation. Therefore, environmental controls can be useful in improving both the expense and quality of the blasting and coatings job. Environmental controls include heating, cooling, ventilation, creation of protective enclosures, lighting and dehumidification.

To learn more about dehumidification as a process of controlling the environment, read The User’s Viewpoint. This article describes how dehumidification impedes the corrosion of steel and inhibits flash rusting, how to use dehumidification, and the impact of dehumidification on coating work expenses.

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