Marine Industry

Marine Vessel Rust PreventionThe Navy, as well as many marine vessel and barge owners, require the use of dehumidification when their vessels are being maintenanced. When a marine vessel requires maintenance it must be taken out of service. Eliminating service and maintenance delays are crucial to the profitability of the vessel owner. Dehumidification is a key component to ensure there are no scheduling delays and aids in quality workmanship.

Benefits of dehumidification for coatings and corrosion prevention:

  • Ability to work on the vessel in or out of water
  • Maintaining proper conditions inside any area to prevent rusting or corrosion
  • Working around the clock in consistent, ideal conditions
  • Reduce weather and morning fog delays
  • Temperature control for the workers (OSHA) and coating application
  • Apply coating across entire area at one time
  • No need to blast, clean and prime daily
  • Blasting and coating water tanks, ballast tanks and hold tanks
  • Control humidity inside engine Room, wheel house or control room