Power Plant Industry

powerplant  dehumidificationPower Plant Industry

Corrosion is an ongoing problem inside power plants. Dehumidification is used to help eliminate the risk of corrosion preventing the loss of time and money.

Dehumidification and Temperature Control is used to prevent corrosion on:

  • Wet or dry side of boiler
  • Water tanks
  • Bricking of duct work
  • Turbines, while out of service
  • Motors, while out of service
  • Control Rooms
  • Many other areas where corrosion is a risk

During the services of tanks, vessels (stacks) or contained areas dehumidification:

  • Aids in holding the blast
  • Eliminates weather-related work delays
  • Allow for a project to be scheduled any time of year
  • Ability to work on a project 24 hours a day, if required
  • Increases production due to ideal conditions
  • Apply coating across entire area at one time
  • Eliminates need for blast/clean/prime daily cycle
  • Apply coating under proper conditions instead of during unpredictable weather/environmental conditions
  • Reduces other costs such as inspector’s time and down time with shorter job duration
  • Gives your project the best chance for success with the highest quality results