Refurbished Equipment

refurbished dehumidification equipmentrefurbished dehumidification equipment

DeHumidification Technologies, LP has the capabilities to refurbish older dehumidifiers, your current dehumidifier or a used unit you have purchased, and repair the equipment to perform like new. Older dehumidifiers can be reconstructed to run like a new dehumidifier and save you the cost of buying new equipment. We can work on any dehumidification system and make the dehumidifier fit your project needs.

Standard Capabilities:

  • Convert a permanent installation to a portable DH unit
  • Refurbish units used in the marine or power plant industries
  • Install a caged skid
  • Change out the desiccant wheel from lithium chloride to silica-gel
  • Paint dehumidifier to your color preference
  • Upgrade dehumidifier to more efficient technology
  • Exchange motor to higher static air flow
  • Change out compressors or heaters

For more information, please contact us at or 866-RENT-DHT (736-8348)